Brazil ploy to fake sleepiness goes too far

Brazil pretended to be sleepy in Tuesday's semifinal World Cup match against Germany, but the trick went a little too far (spoof, parody, joke, humor)BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil — The secret plan by the Brazilian soccer team to pretend they were suffering from tremendous fatigue went “a little too far,” confirmed coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.

The famous squad lost to Germany in a shocking 7-1 World Cup semifinal on Tuesday, leading many disappointed fans to wonder if the players had been drugged or were dealing with diarrhea.

“I had a dream about of having the players act really lethargic and confused, like they hadn’t slept in a few days,” Scolari said after the match. “That way the Germans would let their guard down, and we’d let ‘em have it.”

“I guess we let it go a little too far, eh?” he said.

Scolari also admitted that ordering star forward Neymar to feign a broken back and pretend to be hospitalized after last week’s match against Colombia was “probably a big mistake” and didn’t seem to fool the Germans in the slightest.


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