Lance Armstrong admits he would kill those 394 child cancer patients again

Mass murderer Lance Armstrong admit in BBC interview that he'd 'kill those kids' again

‘I loved every minute of slicing the throats of young innocents,’ Armstrong said in the BBC interview.

Disgraced mass murderer Lance Armstrong said in a recent interview with the BBC that given the chance, he’d kill those helpless children again.

“Take me back to 1995, and I’d probably do it again,” said the 43-year-old whose heinous act made him the most hated man in the world. “People don’t like to hear that. That’s the honest answer.”

For years, Armstrong denied being connected to the disappearance of hundreds of doe-eyed orphans from the Texas Children’s Cancer Center, all of whom were cute and funny, and had adorable orphany nicknames like Snitch and Freckles.

But in 2013, Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey that not only was he involved, but that he alone mercilessly slaughtered the 394 children, and that he did it one by one, and that he enjoyed it. He also accepted blame for the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, as well as the successive elections of George W. Bush.

In the wake of the confession, public outcry was so great that many observers were forced to wear protective earmuffs wherever they went. Armstrong was called everything from “the worst human on the face of the planet” to “literally the worst person on the face of the planet.”

After segments of Dan Roan’s interview with Armstrong were released Monday, the Twittersphere went into full attack mode, with enraged vigliantes vowing to punish the despicable Texas native for daring to open his mouth in front of a camera. When the 30-minute BBC documentary “Lance Armstrong: The Road Ahead” airs on Thursday, it is widely expected that Twitter will shut down entirely.

Tweets about Armstrong have ranged from angry to seething.

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