Americans hesitant to accept candidate so easily misquoted


Donald Trump misquoted Saying they’d rather have a president whose words are reported in their entirety by the media, and without any intentional misreadings, Americans are expressing doubt that Donald Trump is the right candidate for the nation’s highest office.

“The last thing we need is some cartoonish figure whose remarks about illegal immigration are contorted by journalists to mean something other than what they obviously meant,” said Perry Ruelas, who runs a volunteer trout farm in downtown Chicago. “No thanks.”

“Just suppose the U.S. is in a standoff with Russia, and President Trump tells Putin to stop intimidating our NATO allies,” said Cindy Lorenzo, a protest consultant from Oakland. “And CNN reports that President Trump told Putin, ‘Stop imitating our delicious French fries.’ That’s how wars start.”

“What your critics wish you would have said is more important than what you really did say,” said Bruce Cherry, a taxidermist from Burlington, Vermont. “Long live nihilism. I wonder what’s on television.”

A recent poll also shows that up to 85 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Trump compared non-whites to Morlocks, or at least how he allowed the media to depict him as one who might eventually make such a comparison.

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