American Apparel forced to auction half-naked teen models


Facing bankruptcy, American Apparel forced to auction off teen models

A judge in California has ordered the clothing company American Apparel to sell off its more than 300 half-naked teenage models as part of a restructuring agreement with lenders.

The half-naked teen models, many of whom live in the company’s Los Angeles headquarters, subsist off of kale smoothies and spend their free time posting photos to Instagram and listening to music.

Their future has been uncertain ever since the company admitted earlier this year that it was facing financial problems and announced that it would be closing some stores and laying off employees.

Spokesperson Anna Rexic says that while the company had hoped to retain its half-naked teen models for future advertising campaigns, she’s certain that their new owners will treat them well and give them plenty of time to hang out in their cotton underwear and 70s-style tube socks.

“A lot of these kids have been with us since they were adolescents, and they feel like family to us,” Rexic said. “We’ve prepared individualized care manuals for each one, with important information about how much sunlight to give them, as well as how to prevent them from impregnating each other.”

“It sure has been fun skirting child obscenity laws with these half-naked teen models, but sadly, we have no other choice than to sell them,” she added.

So far, at least 50 of the half-naked teen models have been auctioned off, most of them to a Chinese tech firm that plans on using them as decoration.

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