Amazing! These two friends shared the same Jezebel article moments apart


Amazing! These two friends shared the same Jezebel article moments apartThere is no such thing as a meaningful coincidence, according to scientists, but these two friends are certain that synchronicity is real.

Kayla Baker and Brenda Alvarez were hundreds of miles apart when they read the same Jezebel article. Within minutes of each other, they both shared a link to the article on Facebook.

Mathematicians say there’s a one-in-sixty-quadrillion chance of this occurring.

“There are literally trillions of things we can do at any given moment,” said probability expert Jane Random. “You want to read an article? Billions to choose from. The fact that these women read the same thing — and independently decided to share a link to it at almost the exact same moment — is extraordinary.”

Baker, 27, a former art student who now works in a Phoenix-area food truck, said that she doesn’t remember what prompted her to seek out the article, which claims that air-conditioning is sexist. Alvarez, 26, who was Baker’s roommate in Phoenix for two years but now lives in San Francisco, says that she recalls being in a trance seconds before the article appeared on her laptop screen.

“I don’t believe in magic, but I don’t know how else to explain this,” she said. “Kayla and I always had a strong spiritual connection, but this is just amazeballs.”

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