94.3 percent of women still deny they’re lesbians


Photo by Kenji-Baptiste Oikawa

A recent survey shows that while a growing segment of the world’s women admit to being lesbians, most still deny it. In 1960, about 0.2 percent of women admitted to having an unalterable sexual attraction to other women. That figure stands at an unimpressive five percent today. “That so many of the world’s ladies deny their very nature is troubling,” said Dr. Sergio Barajas, a professor of anthropology from the University of Toronto. “This survey shows that much remains to be done in the field of social sciences. We need to improve our methods to convince more women to publicly accept what they know to be oh-so-true. They dig chicks.” While 94.3 percent of women insist they are not lesbians, an overwhelming majority say they’ve been identified as lesbians by others, especially male coworkers whose invitations to grab a quick drink were declined.

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