11 shocking facts about Facebook, 9 of which are mostly true facts

facebook1. Mark Zuckerberg chose a blue color scheme because he’s red-green colorblind.

But don’t tell anyone, please. He’d die if he knew we broke his trust and used his personal information for our own purposes.

2. Facebook users average a separation of only 3.5 people.

Yes, yes! And when Bruno Mars learned this fact, he got excited thinking about how close he was to you, too.

3. Contrary to rumors, Facebook is not keeping track of your updates, friends or location.

But dozens of marketing firms, spy agencies and jealous ex-partners are, so smile — and only update your status when you have something witty to say, for crying out loud.

4. In 30 years, there will be more dead people than living people on Facebook.

We just made up this creepy “fact,” but it certainly sounds plausible, doesn’t it?

6. The famous and annoying “poke” button was originally an inside joke about all the women Bill Clinton had poked against their wishes.

Again, that’s not at all true, at least not to our knowledge. But it could be true, and that’s what you need to remember when you pass this defamatory factoid along. Just say you read it on Gawker, okay?

7. There are more than a billion Facebook profiles.

And six of them belong to you. Come on, bro. She’s never going to accept your friend request, no matter how many times you pretend to be someone else.

8. The original homepage depicted a mystery man’s face.

thefacebookThat man is none other than Al Pacino, evidence his attorney presented in a 2009 lawsuit that the whole “social networking thingy concept” was invented by the acting legend during the filming of 1972’s “The Godfather Part II.”

9. The average user spends 20 minutes a day on Facebook.

And of those 20 minutes, 18 are used for admiring what friends have made for dinner. What a nice photo of homemade organic risotto!

10. 78% of all traffic to Facebook is through smart phones, while only 22% is through PCs and tablets.

And .02 % of Facebook traffic stilll comes the old-fashioned way: through pagers or beepers. What’s the code for, “Take this quiz to see which ‘Hunger Games’ character you are?” 7825255394235, right?

11. With 79 millions likes, Coca-Cola is the most liked company on Facebook.

And the charitable Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has around one percent of that figure. So much of helping our fellow man. Long live sweetened water!

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