Jacquie Lawson to offer “adults only” e-cards

jacquie_lawsonE-card company jacquielawson.com has announced it will offer a new line of adult-themed e-cards for people who want to send a “naughty more than nice” greeting, says company founder and president Jacquie Lawson.

The new line will include the company’s familiar folksy animation, but with sexy twists. The e-cards will be organized into broad categories so that finding the right one will be a cinch, Lawson says. Some of the cheeky categories will include “Forest animals are cute, but also horny,” “I’m not menopausal yet” and “I don’t have Alzheimer’s, but I can’t remember the last time we screwed.”

While the animation isn’t X-rated, many will show women’s breasts and a few will contain depictions of genetalia. To prevent children from seeing the adults-only e-cards, a pop-up window will require users to verify they are at least 18 years old.

In response to frequent complaints about the company’s conservative ethos, gay- and lesbian-themed e-cards will also be available through the website. These will include titles like “Even if we can’t legally get married, let’s play house” and “They call me a lipstick lesbian ‘cause I know where to stick my lips.”

While a few of the new e-cards will be available for free, most will require a subscription that costs $12 for one year.

“We’re still going to offer quality e-cards of curious cats spying on jolly yuletide carolers, but it’s time to branch out,” Lawson said. “Now the cats will be spying on adult couples engaged in heated horseplay.”