Americans in Europe being refused ice for ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’
Disney releasing animated feature 'Drones' - parody, satire
'Ice bucket challenge' keeping the world's poor in a state of fear

Poorest nations gripped by fear of ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

At least a dozen countries have asked the International Monetary Fund for help as the popular "Ice Bucket Challenge" looms, threatening to cast the world’s most destitute people into absolute … [Read More...]

Militarization of the police - parody

Airstrikes, shellings stoke fears of police militarization

Cindy McCoy's mother remembers it like it was yesterday. Cindy was in front of her house selling homemade cookies to raise money for the local SPCA. "We'd seen the news stories about authorities … [Read More...]

Obama visits Canadian border - immigration, security spoof, satire, parody

Obama visits US-Mexico border

ALBURG SPRINGS, Vt. -- Bowing to pressure from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, President Obama agreed to visit the United States border. The move comes amid increased calls from members … [Read More...]