What are David Cameron’s last-minute promises for Scotland to vote ‘no’?
‘Django Unchained’ star defends right of celebrities to give public blowjobs
Tim Cook nude at Apple iPhone 6 event

Apple CEO appears naked for event

In a move that surprised even other company executives, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared naked at Tuesday’s event in Cupertino, California. “Nudity,” he said, tiptoeing across the Flint Center for the … [Read More...]

Things you should never say to an attractive, pretty, beautiful woman

9 Things Attractive Women Don’t Like Hearing

1. The sound of old people farting while noisily eating popcorn in a silent movie theater Some beautiful women may find this a wee bit funny, but most regard it as unpleasant, even sad. 2. “Are … [Read More...]

Obama birthday present golf joke spoof parody humor funny

Obama thanks America for new golf clubs

WASHINGTON -- President Obama has issued a thank-you card to the American people, saying his taxpayer-funded birthday check allowed him to buy a new set of golf clubs -- and take his wife Michelle out … [Read More...]