Alleged US drone strike destroys classic Dylan album track
Yes, U2’s deal with Apple is totally ‘punk rock’
Leonardo DiCaprio UN climate summit - parody, spoof, hypocrisy

Leonardo DiCaprio rides bicycle 3000 miles to attend climate summit

NEW YORK -- While most attendees at the UN Climate Summit flew to New York in jumbo jets, or were driven in gas-guzzling limousines, actor Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to take a stand against the … [Read More...]

Bono U2 Apple iTunes epic fail parody

Apple offering free weapon to scare away Bono

Admitting it was a mistake to let Bono into the homes of 500 million iTunes users, Apple says it is giving customers a small wooden club that can be used to scare away the U2 frontman. “In all … [Read More...]

Obama ISIS speech parody / spoof

Confused Obama can’t remember if he promised to end, or start more foreign engagements

WASHINGTON -- Suffering from a memory lapse that could happen to anyone, really, President Obama said he couldn’t recall if he had promised to end U.S. military involvement abroad, or increase it. “I … [Read More...]