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Queen kills horse for using drugs

LONDON -- Upon learning her prized racehorse Estimate had tested positive for morphine, Queen Elizabeth II led the animal behind the royal stables and shot it. The act might seem barbaric to those … [Read More...]


He Was Being A Filthy Pig. See How This Scared Woman Reacts.

Sometimes, women need to say “enough is enough” and take justice into their own hands. OPELOUSAS, La. -- Martin, a four-month-old pig from rural Louisiana, was slaughtered by a woman who could no … [Read More...]

Goldline spoof parody Glenn Zen Beck fraud

‘Now is the time to buy,’ says Goldline Zen master

Goldline, one of the largest vendors of precious metals, would like to remind you now is the best time to buy gold. Over the years, the claim has been substantiated by Goldline Zen masters. In … [Read More...]

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Cholula hot sauce Papa John's pizza spoof

We must not defy the stars by demanding our free Cholula

by John Alvarado My fellow herbalists and ponderers, we are gathered in brotherhood on this evening to make use of my new bong, to chill and discuss the big issues of our day. The bong has been lit, and so many among us, now high, wish to dine, and to dine in a manner that satiates […]

Call Me Larry/Larri!

Hillary Clinton interview with Terry Gross of NPR, parody, spoof, funny

I want to start a rumor that someone has an STD

Dear Larry/Larri - I’m a former politician and cabinet member who’s testing the waters for a 2016 presidential run. Last week during an interview, a mean journalist embarrassed me in front of the country by implying I only decided to support same-sex marriage because it’s politically advantageous. How can I best get revenge against this bitch? Should I try to get her fired from her stupid … [Read More...]