Models ‘not physically capable’ of farting
Alleged US drone strike destroys classic Dylan album track
U2 Apple iTunes punk rock spoof parody

Yes, U2’s deal with Apple is totally ‘punk rock’

Last week, U2 frontman Bono defended his band’s $100-million deal with Apple, saying that having the company put the album “Songs of Innocence” onto half a billion iTunes accounts was very “punk … [Read More...]

Leonardo DiCaprio UN climate summit - parody, spoof, hypocrisy

Leonardo DiCaprio rides bicycle 3000 miles to attend climate summit

NEW YORK -- While most attendees at the UN Climate Summit flew to New York in jumbo jets, or were driven in gas-guzzling limousines, actor Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to take a stand against the … [Read More...]

Obama ISIS speech parody / spoof

Confused Obama can’t remember if he promised to end, or start more foreign engagements

WASHINGTON -- Suffering from a memory lapse that could happen to anyone, really, President Obama said he couldn’t recall if he had promised to end U.S. military involvement abroad, or increase it. “I … [Read More...]